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Pruning and Hedgework

Kraken Tree Care are tree pruning specialists. Tree pruning and hedgework are the most common tree maintenance procedures our customers require. It is important to keep on top of your tree maintenance as removing damaged, dead and diseased branches and stems will benefit the whole tree. If damaged or diseased branches and stems are left in place it can cause more problems including infestation and further disease. By pruning your tree you are ensuring that they remain in a healthy condition and are safe and growing correctly.

We understand it is easy for your hedges to get out of control and this is how we can help. We offer a bespoke hedge cutting service. We ensure we leave your hedges looking better than ever with our friendly, efficient and professional service.  We offer full range of hedge maintenance services, including: Reducing, hedge shaping, trimming and shaping.


We endeavour to complete the work with minimal fuss and disruption to both yourself and your garden. We leave your garden neat and tidy.

We are qualified to undertake all aspects of hedge and tree work including crown reductions, thinning, dead wooding, fire abatement and making safe storm damaged trees.


We are often approached to carry out bespoke pruning projects on trees protected by preservation orders, or growing in conservation areas. Kraken Tree Care carry out planning applications for work on protected trees free of charge. Our tree pruning and hedge cutting service is available to both our commercial and domestic customers.


Whether it is a small routine maintenance cut or a major cut back we are happy to help. We always offer a no obligation quotation for any work you would like us to carry out. Please contact one of our highly qualified Stockport tree surgeons today and we will be happy to help.

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